Walk with confidence every day with your shoes – Elevator Shoes

Chamaripa Elevator Shoes  Walk with confidence every day with your shoes – Elevator Shoes


For men, the height is and will always be important. Every man needs to know some stylistic tricks when shopping. Best Elevator Shoes Men Height Increase Shoes Make Men Taller Brown Wedding ShoesEvery man wants to look taller. Always dress not only elegant or casual, but consistent with the state you want to experience and be prepared to discover a new place, a new sensation, excitement or desire! Buy shoes that will make you taller by 5cm! They will turn you into a successful business man or an evening adventurer.
Choose the right pair of shoes from the Elevator Shoes!

Rely on a pair of 100% natural leather shoes!

Men tall shoes –  the saving idea

There are many couples where the man is younger than the girl, but this is often avoided because it is considered to be something embarrassing and unusual. What do you think? As a boy: to be a girl higher than you ….. and like a girl: would you choose a boy less than you? Have you been in such situations ..? Do you stand up to a possible love because of the height? : Roll:

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 God created man by a pattern, that of perfection, created a perfect man and woman.
This perfection contained a canon in which the woman was less tall than the man.

A woman taller than a man is an imperfection of that canon. This does not mean that a woman higher than a man can not love, be happy and fulfilled with a younger man. Definitely yes, it can!

But when God created us, he wanted the woman to be slower, and we should follow this pattern. It has remained so infused in the minds of the people over the thousands of years this canon.

But he, the canon, is not a hindrance to finding happiness in a marriage, only when we seek harmony and outer balance, then we will adopt the Bible canon.

But do not worry, with tall men shoes solve any problem!


The key to Hollywood success –tom cruise height

Does the height become a key factor in success in cinema or is it simply a feature that does not influence too much the future of an actor?

Imagini pentru TOM CRUISE probleme cu inaltimeaImagini pentru TOM CRUISE probleme cu inaltimea

Tom Cruise has faced this problem in the past with Nicole Kidman, which has a height of nearly 1.80 m. (he only has 1.75) But unlike Nicole, who is dancing around Tom in her ballerina, quitting her heels, Katie does not want to quit high shoes.
 But Tom Cruise has found a solution –
tom cruise height tom cruise height !!!

7 thoughts on “Walk with confidence every day with your shoes – Elevator Shoes

  • 15 iulie 2018 at 17:05

    I did not know that Tom Cruise is that short 😀 but thats God there is a solution for him to look taller.

  • 16 iulie 2018 at 7:39

    i never liked shorter guys then me,..but apparently now you cannot tell anymore who is short and who is not 🙂

  • 16 iulie 2018 at 8:57

    i think these shoes are a great idea for short guys! it is always good to have an option!

  • 16 iulie 2018 at 20:04

    Sunt geniali pantofii cu putin toc pentru bărbatul. O idee inovatoare.

  • 16 iulie 2018 at 22:00

    Nu stiam ca exista astfel de pantofi pentru barbati. Oricum in cazul lui Tom Cruz nu prea sunt de mare ajutor, toate actritele sunt mult prea inalte ca sa mai conteze 5 centimetri in plus, eu zic sa se consoleze cu gandul.

  • 16 iulie 2018 at 22:16

    Oh, nu stiam ca exista si astfel de pantofi pentru barbati. Mie sincer nu imi plac chestiile de barbati care sunt feminizate. Eu asociez tocurile cu feminitatea, senzualitatea, in niciun caz cu barbatii. Dar par interesanti.

  • 17 iulie 2018 at 0:20

    Those shoes are great for men with their partners taller than them.


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